BBF Listing – 74765328 Absolutely beautiful HIGH-END Hair Salon at the Beach! Turn-Key with manager in place. If you want the best at the beach this is where you go. 7 stations with commissioned very busy stylists. Only the best equipment! The seller spared no expense for the build out in a high traffic shopping center with major anchor. Figures assume FT Owner/Stylist. The books & records are impeccable & do not reflect any income from the owner. Email today for NDA. Don’t miss this opportunity to own the best salon at the beach!

Asking $139,000   |   Annualized Sales $340,394   |   Owner Benefit $86,330

New Price – $139,000 with $88,000 Down!

Why a hair salon is good business?

1.  Recession proof

No matter what the state of the economy, most women will find the money for a “little trim”, so says Libby Connor of the NJ salon, The Chelsea Set.  Changing a hair style is the fastest, often simplest way to get a boost in self-confidence.  Of all the things families will cut as belts gets tighten, hair cuts is one of the last to go, thus making the cutting and styling side of the hair salon business largely recession proof.

2.  Creative

While you have your standing appointments, there are usually walk-ins… and with referrals, every day can be different filled with diverse and unusual requests. Depending upon the kind of reputation you have built.

3.  Easy to Build Via Social Media

If you are prepared to learn how, and stick with it, Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or the combination of those 3 can bring a river of referrals to your chair.  Social media channels are free, for the most part. The downside is that it takes time to build a valuable following. It’s important to get your clients to help with this effort. Every time they leave your chair they need to post a photo on their network of choice, with you tagged in it.  A positive review would be good too!

4. Habit and Loyalty

People are animals of habit.  Once they are in the routine of going to a place to certain services, it takes a bit to get them to shift.  Plus, customers will often confide in their hairdresser  This too engenders loyalty.

Tips to Make Your Hair Salon Successful

  1. Remember Name
  2. Become a tweeting, posting, pinning fiend
  3. Keep your prices steady
  4. Don’t Groupon all the time
  5. Keep the floor clean – broom up hair as quickly as possible
  6. Watch out for the Upsell – people like to have things available, but not the kkind of aggressive after-market sales that car companies do
  7. Offer inexpensive value-added services
  • Hot towels
  • Shoulder rubs
  • Beverages

Having lots for the client to do while they’re waiting around makes sound business sense. Especially if that involves browsing and shopping. Since customers are looking at their hands after a manicure, why not consider offering colorful rings for sale?  Once people are already looking at their hair and head, perhaps a scarf selection?  You often see a selection of handbags for sale at the front of a beauty parlor. Jewelry is also a popular add-on as is hair accessories.

hair salon or do it yourself?

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