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Homeowners’ ROI for Exterior Lighting and Landscaping

When you consider renovating your house are you doing it for you or for resale? Most people intend to renovate right away for their own enjoyment, but by the time they get around to the project, it can often be just when they are about to sell. It might be useful to know of the relative ROI to be gained from each TO DO item.  And knowing those numbers, we can see how a high-end landscape design and lighting installation company could be a ripe Jacksonville Business for sale, worthy of investment.

Check out the infographic to the right.  A mere portable fire pit has an average ROI of 150% ! Doesn’t that seem staggeringly easy for any homeowner to do?  Outdoor lighting may bring back only 50% but you double your money with an outdoor kitchen, apparently!

It is disappointing to see that a pool or water feature only yields 7%, but the same buyers who see only the work involved are those responsible for lot sizes to be so small in new developments. When we asked a St Johns Councilman recently why new developers were allowed to have such narrow lots, he claimed that buyers actually prefer them that way. Less work is a preference to privacy, he said, the numbers bore out the argument time and again.

Backyard Trends

Barbara Corcoran agreed on the Today Show that the trend is for less maintenance.  More trees and less lawn saves on utilities, both in terms of watering the lawn, and providing shade for your home during the summer heat when you might want to turn up the air conditioning.  She offered that “Backyard sanctuaries” are popular: seating areas, fountains, small fish ponds, a hot tub even. She recommended outdoor rooms, and year-round plantings like ornamental grasses and colored berries. reported that hedges alone raise property values by 3.6%

5 Reasons Homeowners Should Hire A Professional Landscape Designer

(and why that makes this Jacksonville Business For Sale even more attractive!)

  1. Saves You Money.  They know what grows locally, and think of things like drainage, that would occur to the average homeowner.
  2. Ideas That Work.  Their realistic creativity vs. whatever you have seen on Houzz or Pinterest
  3. Doing it Once, Correctly.  Do you need a permit for that? Who has to be licensed? Are they?
  4. Usually a one-stop shop.  They often offer, or have their own subs, who can do the lighting, the water feature, the tile, pavers, appliance install, etc.
  5. Keep to the budget.  It is their reputation on the line, and their quality and consistency is how they earn referrals.

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The Outdoor Renovation Projects with the Highest Return on Investment

From Visually.

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