BBF Listing # 74791074 — Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most established florists in Jacksonville! Great staff in place with low overhead & large growth potential make this a deal you wont want to miss! This 30 year old florist is in a great location with well established services. Easy access for both customers & deliveries. Additional sales could be realized by including Sunday deliveries & increasing social media presence. Generous Seller financing & high net to owner which mean this listing won’t last long! Email me today for an Non-Disclosure Agreement!

Asking:  $150,000 | Annual Sales: $363,355| Adjusted Net: $113,319| Cash Down $100,000


FIVE Reasons To Start A Florist:

#1 Celebrate Your Customers' Milestones!

Dates, Engagements, Valentines’ Day, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Funerals, Job Interviews, Fundraisers, Prom, Get Well Soon, and so, so many more!

Reason #2 Color and Creativity

Designing flowers is as much about understanding color as it is emotion and balance.  Every piece you prepare is not only a gift for someone but also a marketing piece. Your work is your business card…and you get to redesign it several times a day!

Reason #3 It has a low start up cost!

Relatively speaking, there is a low start-up cost with a florist shop. Scissors and buckets are cheap – the refrigerated case is more pricey but nothing like machinery or heavy equipment.

Reason #4 Marketing Can Be Free!

Florist shops now are more often promoted on free social site like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, plus YouTube, then hard core, expensive print ads.  Everyone loves looking at flowers and every item in the store can be another piece of content in your ever-evolving story.

Reason #5 Here is a store all set up for you!

When you are on your own boss, you set your schedule, you decide the direction of the company, you have control. Now is a great time to be an entrepreneur and if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a florist, this one is a tremendous opportunity with a well-established business and 25+ years of experience!


33 Reasons To Give YOURSELF Flowers


1. you’re awesome. Duh.
2. you’re better than you think you are.
3. you’re loved (by others and yourself).
4. you have survived a lot.
5. you have a lot of ahead of you.
6. they’ll brighten up your home.
7. you know fake flowers can’t beat fresh flowers.
8. you deserve a few dollars worth of happiness.
9. today is the “someday” you always mention.
10. $5 flowers smell stronger than a $30 candle.
11. you’ve succeeded in your life.
12. you’ve learned a lot in your life.
13. you’ve made many people smile.
14. you’ve made many people laugh.
15. you’ve made yourself both smile and laugh.
16. you’re wholly and fully yourself.
17. you’re vibrantly alive.
18. you’ve learned to cry.
19. you’ve known what it’s like to fall.
20. you’ve gotten good at rising.
21. you’re limitless.
22. you’re fearless.
23. you embrace your flaws.
24. you did something good today.
25. you’ll do something good tomorrow.
26. you’re absolutely beautiful.
27. you’re OK without being OK.
28. you’re uniquely yourself.
29. there’s still so much to learn about yourself.
30. you deserve something nice.
31. you don’t need a reason.
32. you’re perfect in every imperfect way.
33. why not?

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