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By the time a transaction is over, most of the participants are exhausted. Exhilarated but exhausted. All real estate transactions are stressful; buying a business can be, too. I make it my job to anticipate the stumbling blocks and questions as they arise and to make the process as smooth as possible. So, it is particularly nice when an experienced pro like Tim Wiest, who purchased a weather barriers company from me, writes,

“A deal can die a death of a thousand cuts.” Or so I have come to say after having bought and sold several businesses over the course of my career.

In other words, the many little issues that come up during negotiations for the purchase and sale of a company can combine weight to undo the best of intentions from the parties. John Geiwitz is a business broker that never lets a little issue sit for long, and never lets it grow into a big issue.”

Know The Business

It is important to me to understand a business fully, so that I can present it in the best possible light, of course, but also so that the buyer is a good fit for the business. Otherwise, it is a waste of everyone’s time.  Says Jesse Dent, who sold a professional power washing company,

John Geiwitz, our Jacksonville Business Broker, spent a lot of time learning and helping us appraise our business before we listed it. We knew our business was doing well but we did not have the experience to understand all the benefit to owner that made the business more valuable then we thought.

We are very glad we used him because he found us a great buyer and facilitated a smooth closing.

Honest, Fast Communication

Each deal has two sides. Both sides have questions, and have done things their own way in the past.  A professional broker will take the extra time to make sure everyone understands the nuances in the transaction and how the business will work. From Matt Webb, of Webb’s Carper Care,

Although being nervous to start the process of selling, John walked us through each step and never pressured us in any way. He spent a lot of time with us and was very thorough and honest in explaining what would take place throughout the selling process. John had great communication skills and a great response time. We felt he worked very hard on finding the right buyer for us.

I am a professional, detail-oriented, efficient executive, so kind comments to that end are what I expect. It is recognition of good communication skills, the time invested to know a business well enough to find the right buyer, and facilitating the process that makes me feel blessed to work with the entrepreneurs I do. When my clients are happy, I’m happy.

Thank you to the 2016-2017 clients. May we continue to work together!



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