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Annual Sales of $4.5 million

Details of Business for Sale Jacksonville FL

BBF-74777154 — Full-fledged, established and rapidly growing new and pre-owned semi tractor-trailer business provides high quality Class 8 and straight trucks with a wide variety of new and used trailers to

  • single owner-operators
  • common carriers
  • power leasing companies, and 
  • government agencies

The company has a great mix of returning clients in all segments.  They provide in-house financing with sales growing strongly year after year!  Terrific books and records. Generous financing available for qualified Buyers.

The Benefits of Leasing (vs. Owning)

  • Low Down Payments (in some cases — no down payment)
  • Low deposits
  • No long-term commitment
  • Opportunity to drive up-spec equipment
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Relaxed credit standards (in some cases no credit checks)
  • Lease completion incentives (cash back, lease buy-outs, etc.)

Updated Pricing

Asking $570,000, with only $285,000 cash down.

Owner Benefit of $225,797

Truck Sales and Leasing can be a highly profitable business to be in. Firstly, the barrier to entry for drivers is low, as is the opportunity for those drivers to get their own truck. This is one of those business for sale Jacksonville FL that just makes sense.

Almost Anyone Can Become A Truck Owner-Operator

It is not that difficult for drivers who feel an entrepreneurial urge to run their own business to finance a truck, even though many folks who become truck drivers have a less-than-perfect credit history. Most truck leasing companies also offer [their own] in-house financing.

Usually, the requirements for obtaining financing are that  a Commercial Driver’s License, a few years of experience and a developed business plan. The driver/owner-operator needs only to fill in a few forms and off they go.

Walk-Away Leases

Increasingly popular are “walk-away” leases.  The benefit is obvious: if the driver can not keep up with the payments, for whatever reason, he or she can simply turn the truck back in and the contract is forgiven.  It is an arrangement that gives operators the chance to experience first-hand the perks of ownership, while limiting their financial risk.  The downside is minimized for the lessor too – they get the truck back and can sell or lease it on to someone else.

For an interesting read, here is a profile on the 2014Owner/Operator of the Year, a local Toronto-area O/O with Bison Transport for his tips on how new owner/ops can succeed with leasing.


And, as always, if you have a question about this, or any other, business for sale Jacksonville FL, please give me a call at 904-647-4755.

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