Tree Trimming company for sale

I have now sold 2 businesses with John and I cannot say enough good things about him and the service that he provides. John is a true professional and fantastic at what he does. He is always communicable and prompt. John and his team are always on the ball and moving forward with the process. These qualities were especially important to me while working on such a milestone in my life and career. John will continue to be my business broker for life, and I will continue to refer my friends and family to him.  

Ray and Samantha Taylor

Sellers, TreeCo

We have completed one acquisition with John in the broker seat and are already looking forward to our next project with him. John was incredibly responsive throughout the acquisition, creating a seamless process that ensured a swift closing. His transaction experience was also evident as he was adept at managing all parties involved. He is now a preferred broker for us and our ‘first stop’ when searching for opportunities on the market!

John Hackerson

Buyer/New Owner, TreeCo

I met John about five years ago when we reached a family decision to sell our multi-million-dollar eyewear retail business with six locations. John helped us gather and organize the info needed to help market our company and ensure there was full confidence in the selling process. Once the right Buyer was found, the due diligence was essentially done due to the amazing prep work put forth by John. John was very vocal and communicative through the entire process ensuring that everyone was on the same page. I was so happy with the process that when it came time to purchase a business in 2020, I, without a doubt knew I would turn to John. Funny thing is – the person I purchased my next business from had the same experience and had used John to purchase and sell their business and spoke very highly of John. At this point John is not just my broker but a trusted friend!

Joey Brown

Current Owner of Tulua Bistro, Formal Owner of Rainbow Shades,

When I decided to sell my business, I had no idea where to begin. I did some research as to the best business brokers and happened to locate Transworld and John Geiwitz. Even though I was definitely in uncharted waters, John made me feel very comfortable from the very first conversation.  He explained every step thoroughly and was extremely responsive throughout the entire process. I did not question my decision to select John for one second. Having him on my team made me feel like I had an advantage. I can honestly say calling John Geiwitz was the best decision! 

Tammy W. Farlow

Seller, Wilson Carpet

John was great to work with, always professional and quick to respond. Through his vast network of contacts, he was able to find us a buyer for our business in less than a week and close in a month. Very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend using a business broker, and specifically, John Geiwitz.

Daniel Gendron

Owner, Paradise Pools

Jacksonville Business Broker RecommendationI have interacted with many different business brokers. Some just collect listings and leave it to the buyer to drive the deal. Some push just to get a deal, any deal, done as quickly as possible. Others will only represent deals that they deem big enough to deserve their attention. Although the deal for my acquisition was relatively simple and straightforward, John handled it with a style and professionalism that impressed me – as though it was his most important deal.

“A deal can die a death of a thousand cuts.” Or so I have come to say after having bought and sold several businesses over the course of my career.

In other words, the many little issues that come up during negotiations for the purchase and sale of a company can combine weight to undo the best of intentions from the parties. John Geiwitz is a business broker that never lets a little issue sit for long, and never lets it grow into a big issue.

John’s client was the seller, but from the care and attention he gave me as the buyer, it was clear that he treats people on both sides of the selling equation with the same forthrightness and integrity. He is an advocate to getting to a fair deal for sellers and buyers, without trying to put a thumb on the scale for one party or another.

John has a very personable style. He is an excellent communicator. He focuses on removing roadblocks and can offer many alternatives to get past them from a broad base of experience. You owe it to your company, employees, customers, and financiers to engage a qualified business broker. I recommend John Geiwitz.

Tim Wiest

Buyer, Weather Barriers Unlimited

I discovered John as a result of my own online research and through a secondary referral from a trusted friend and business associate. John’s credentials and background instantly impressed me, so I contacted him to set up an initial meeting. What originally was scheduled as a short introduction turned into a full-length consultation that covered all of the aspects of purchasing a business.

John’s level of knowledge is unsurpassed and self-evident. He walked me through the entire buying process and took the time to fully understand my background, areas of interest, and finances. This enabled me to narrow down my search and quickly find the perfect business.

John’s knowledge and attention to detail is more extensive than any other broker in the area. His credentials and results are unmatched. I cannot offer a higher recommendation. If you are looking to purchase a new business or sell an existing business, you have found your broker.

Tessa Hampton


“North Florida Roofing was the perfect fit for me in the next phase of my career.  It’s an exciting change and I really enjoy the ability to provide each customer with a quality product for their home. John made the transaction experience seamless for me with comprehensive research, plus painstaking financial acumen which I truly appreciate as a veteran businessperson,”

A successful business person, Canipe had worked in various leadership roles for Fortune 500 supply chain companies and most recently worked in Atlanta, GA. He and his family decided to relocate to Jacksonville Beach due to relatives and friends in the area along with the quality of life at the beach.

Chris Canibe

President, North Florida Roofing

John was a pleasure to work with. He made the entire process of buying a business simple and was there to answer all my questions. He followed up with me after we competed everything to see how the transition was going.

Vivian Carter

Owner, Jacksonville In A Box

Jacksonville Business Broker - Webb's Carper Care

We used John Geiwitz to sell our business of 35 years. Although being nervous to start the process of selling, John walked us through each step and never pressured us in any way. He spent a lot of time with us and was very thorough and honest in explaining what would take place throughout the selling process. John had great communication skills and a great response time. We felt he worked very hard on finding the right buyer for us. He was also extremely professional and helpful through the negotiating and closing process. We would definitely recommend John. Thanks John! Matt and Veronica

Matt Webb

Owner, Webb's Carpet Care

We used John Geiwitz to sell our business. He spent a lot of time learning and helping us appraise our business before we listed it. We knew our business was doing well but we did not have the experience to understand all the benefit to owner that made the business more valuable then we thought.

We are very glad we used him because he found us a great buyer and facilitated a smooth closing.

Jesse Dent

Owner, Commercial Cleaning Company

When we made the decision to sell our restaurant we knew we would need some guidance.  We were very fortunate to have found John Geiwitz.  John really did his homework…he asked all of the right questions, analyzed our books and then made suggestions to improve our chances of getting the maximum amount of return for all of the hard work we had put into our business.

He carefully vetted all of our potential buyers and  helped us evaluate offers and negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement.  Once we had a contract he helped smooth out details with the landlord bringing us to the closing table where all parties were satisfied with the outcome.  I would not hesitate to recommend John Geiwitz to represent a buyer or seller!

John and Cheryl Katterhenry

Restauranteurs, Appetites Café

I had the pleasure of being referred to John Geiwitz by a friend when I was thinking about selling my business. I went into the process without a clue of what to do, how to do it and how to get started! After meeting with John on our first visit I knew he was the one to sell my business! John helped me through the entire process and was always helpful! He was always accessible and professional! I highly recommend John to anyone looking to sell or purchase a business! ~ April, 2015

William Futch, Jr

Owner, MasterBilt Golf Carts

Working with John Geiwitz on the acquisition of my company was an exceptional and gratifying experience.   John’s extensive experience in the business brokering industry was consistently demonstrated with his knowledge and professionalism. Throughout the entire process, John readily made himself available with his open lines of communication no matter what time of the day. I look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.  ~ April 2015

Ted Pelot

President, Advanced Bio Treatment

As most former business owners will tell you — making the decision to sell is not easy. We found a business broker to be an invaluable partner in the process and were fortunate to have worked with one of the best in the business, John Geiwitz. From the moment we met with John we knew we were working with a true professional. His confidence, expertise and easy nature were evident from the beginning and made the sale of our business not only a pleasurable experience but also educational. He willingly shared his personal experiences in business; promptly answered every question that arose, and even introduced us to other business professionals that helped facilitate a smooth post-sale transition. John’s attention to detail and response time were second to none and to our surprise he found a qualified buyer and secured a full price offer in less than half the time we had anticipated! Looking back we could not be more pleased with our selection of broker and with the overall sale experience – Thank You John!

The Perfect Pear

In short, no matter what business you are buying or selling or in what part of the world you are doing it from, John Geiwitz is your go-to man…

Our relationship with John was at first a long distance one, as Andrew, my husband, and I were still living in the UK when we first saw the business we now own in Jacksonville, Florida, for sale. We did not know John at all -he was just a name at the end of emails and letters. We had to make a decision to trust this stranger to help us achieve what had been a dream for years. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made

The trial of dealing with negotiations long distance was made incredibly stress free and the process of purchasing a business from another country relatively simple because of John.

His professionalism, organizational abilities, integrity, knowledge and above all his complete and open honesty to both the buyer and the seller is second to none. John was also incredibly sensitive to our problems of moving from one country to another and helped in any way he could to ensure that the business we so wanted to own, became a reality.

Winston Churchill once said of the USA and UK that,”…never were there two greater nations divided by a single language…” we found this to be true especially with the legal language and translation of certain American English phrases. However, John was incredibly patient in ensuring that we understood everything and was always available to answer any questions we had despite the time difference between the countries. When it was time for us to actually come to this country and meet the seller, John chaired meetings with professionalism and an ease that made everyone feel comfortable.

Another very important reason as to why you should use John is that he is extremely well connected and can help you find the ‘people’ you need especially if you are new to the area. The recommendations he has given us have proven to be invaluable.

 John Geiwitz may have started out as our Business Broker but now we consider him our friend and will not hesitate to use him in future business ventures.

Suszanna Kerr

President, Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery

I am pleased to recommend John to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

We looked at the three top business brokers in Jax in 2012, and picked John due to his high level of personal interest in our deal and his prior record of success. My wife and I then worked side-by-side with John to properly position, price, and sell our antique business. We completed the sales transaction in well under a year, for nearly 100% of our asking price.

And we found a wonderful buyer couple to carry on and even improve the business.

John was a consummate pro throughout the process, always pro-active and communicative every step of the way. John truly delivered a win-win sale for all parties involved, and I give him my highest recommendation!

John Orton

Former Owner, Avonlea Antique Mall

John was the listing broker for the business I recently purchased. He did a great job of simplifying the process and proved to be an invaluable part of the purchase process. He did an amazing job of mediating between the purchaser and the sellers and put out more than one fire during the process. We could not have completed the deal without his help.

Harper Bryan

Owner, Custom Marine Components

I have bought and sold several businesses in the past and I can tell you it is a very long drawn out process which I did not want to entertain for the sale of a restaurant I purchased in St. Augustine Florida. After my initial consultation with John I felt confident he would deliver a smooth and seamless sale of my business eliminating tire kickers and unqualified buyers from the every day process.  John  was professional and respected my time as I pursued other businesses ventures.  The sale took place, I received the funds and everything happened in a timely manner.  John and I still communicate to this day. I highly recommend John and his firm above all others.  They are truly professionals at what they do!

James B Bishop

Green Machine Reflective Technologies LLC

When my son and I were in search of a business for sale in Jacksonville and we started making inquiries to the listing agents, to our surprise trying to get a return phone call or email was merely impossible from these agents until we contacted John. Not only did John go above and beyond to answer our calls and emails, but his professionalism, experience and wealth of knowledge was invaluable not only in helping us find a business, but was equally as important with the due diligence process and closing the sale.  I would highly recommend John to anyone that is in the market to buy or sell.

Bob Beeler

Owner, Tuffy Auto Dealer

John Geiwitz is an information broker/process manager disguised as a business advisor.   He can take a phrase such as “I want…” and turn it into action.   He did for my wife and me.   We gave him the broad parameters of what we wanted in a business and he set to work.   Less than a month after we met him, John had found a business that fit our criteria, navigated the sales/purchase process, kept the seller at the table and closed the deal.

This was not easy, as one of the seller’s stakeholders got cranky over some the deal terms at the last minute.    John ironed it out in the background without making us aware (until after the close) of the potential land mines he navigated.

John knows that a certain amount of “structure” is required during the offer, bid, counter offer, and due-diligence phases but also operated informally when required.   He let us know where the potential challenges would be in advance and negotiated on our behalf when required.

We found John to be:

Honest, fair (to both sides) punctual, responsive, consistent and an excellent “process manager.”   We give John the ultimate stamp of approval (in our minds) as we would absolutely use John again…for either another business purchase or a business sale…and recommend others to him for the same.

Leo Dickinson

Vice President/Operations Manager, Lawn Corp USA

It is my pleasure to recommend John Geiwitz to anyone needing assistance in the buying or selling of a business, or in fact even to one who is just considering the idea of going into business for themselves.

I worked with John in the purchase of two landscape maintenance companies.  We were connected through this process for several months and together reviewed several options and opportunities to meet my stated guidelines of purchasing a company or, as it turned out, companies.  John was extremely professional as well as knowledgeable of the processes involved, from a buyer’s perspective as well as from a seller’s perspective.  His experience was invaluable to me, but the manner in which he conducted business and represented me throughout the negotiations and closings was exceptional.

Without hesitation, I would use John in any future venture of buying or selling a business and would look forward to the opportunity to discuss my experience with anyone considering the use of a business broker or not.  John has my contact information.

Robert E. Furlong

President, UrbanEdge

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