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If you’re like most of the Sellers I work with, you are probably concerned about your exposure to Capital Gains taxes when you sell your business.  Until recently, the potential for a significant increase in Capital Gains taxes seemed likely to occur in 2022.

Although there are no assurances, the “experts” seem to agree that a 2022 Capital Gains increase is now unlikely. This is, in part, based on interpretations of the articles in the links below. These articles also include a lot of good data regarding other tax-related topics.  This is all very good news for Sellers wanting to exit their businesses in 2022.

Here are a few articles for reference:

This new information, coupled with the continued influx of Buyers flocking to Florida from other states, may make 2022 the best year to sell your business at the top of the market while, at the same time, enjoying much less exposure of potentially paying twice the taxes.

It would be my honor to meet with you to discuss these and other details about designing your best and most profitable exit strategy at your earliest convenience.  Until then, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2022!

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